lunedì 18 dicembre 2017

Riccardo Testore – a brief biography

Riccardo Testore has spent a lot of his life in the South Pacific settlement he refers to as Nuova Lazio. In this little settlement the Italian ways are celebrated many miles from home. Nuova Lazio also has a strong English presence, the early settlers in this area, before the Italian presence arrived, were stockmen and timber millers. As a boy Riccardo’s parents insisted that he learn to speak English,

although Italian is the language he is passionate about.

The climate of Nuova Lazio suits the growing of olive trees

and grapes,

which seem to grow everywhere.

Riccardo studied the violin and became interested in a brand of gypsy music that seemed to always be in his house. The music traced its roots back to American jazz tunes and Neapolitan songs. Riccardo played an important part in mixing the two styles and adding jazz influences to Neapolitan music. He also studied the double bass and likes to use this big violin to play some tunes in his trio.

The formation of his trio has taken many years and this particular blend of two quite different styles has had a slow merging over about twenty years. Riccardo is passionate about the style of music that his trio plays. 

Riccardo also likes to play a bit of guitar.

sabato 16 dicembre 2017

Band Uniform.

What is the best way for a band to dress?

Okay, you'll remember our publicity shot:

I'm going to share a little secret - in these photos each guy is wearing the same shirt.
My plan was to have more shirts with the characteristic green, white and red insignia on them made, but I have run into problems.
I've struggled to find the coloured ribbon and suitable black shirts. 
One member suggested that the most important thing for an Italian band is to look stylish and that black is not the most visible colour for a band.
After a lot of thought I think he is right.
That means what we will wear is still a work in progress.
Maybe it's not necessary to have a matching shirt?
I played in a band in the 80s that had matching shirts and we looked a bit silly.
You've got to be careful with matching shirts. That's for damn sure.

lunedì 11 dicembre 2017

Testore practising hard.

There is no rest for Riccardo Testore as the trio redies itself to shake the world. 
"I'm doing a lot of work on tone and vibrato." says Testore.

mercoledì 6 dicembre 2017

The trio is hotting up!

Siamo un trio composto da un violinista, un chitarrista e un contrabbasista, suoniamo musica italiana e Jazz. Le nostre canzoni sono tutte strumentali e sono perfette per ristoranti, feste e concerti. Noi suoniamo con amore e passione.

L’Addio A Napoli
Autumn Leaves
La Spagnola
Black Orpheus
Love Theme – Godfather
Bye Bye Blackbird
Maria, Mari
Fly Me To The Moon
Oje Caruli
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
O Mio Babbino Caro
Sweet Georgia Brown
O Sole Mio
Take the ‘A’ Train
Santa Lucia
This Masquerade
Torna A Surriento
My Gentle Giant
Vieni Sul Mar
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
All Of Me
The Immigrants

venerdì 1 dicembre 2017

Tone is everything!

Well, not everything, but very important.
A big vibrato helps too.

domenica 26 novembre 2017

Has the Testore Trio come to a stand still?

These two pictures tell a story.

White House Stage 1

White House Stage 2
This house is turning white and this doesn't happen by magic.
It's a long hot job and it takes time from the Testore Trio, as Riccardo is also a painter.
Also our bassist has just finished music recitals and so his focus has been elsewhere.
I guess it is also getting a bit late in the year to launch a new trio.
Well, it's not really a new trio.
Here are the boys in action a few years back.

Our fans are getting younger!

George and Wade.
This trio has been in the planning for twenty years - a few more months of planning?
Non è una problema!

venerdì 24 novembre 2017

So what tunes does the Testore Trio play?

This trio comes out of the musical traditions of Italia and American improvised music.
Jazz players usually start by playing a tune (called the head) and then invent other things that fit over the chords. This means that someone has to keep playing the chords while a solo is happening. 
The jazz tunes played by this trio will be familiar with most people - they have names like Sweet Georgia Brown and Take The 'A' Train.
The Italian tunes are played like jazz tunes but often go off to a different set of chords, so expect a few surprises
The original tunes are written by Riccardo Testore and some tend to have a slightly Eastern European flavour. 
This is an improvising trio and all three of the members are featured.