giovedì 25 gennaio 2018

Fear of flying.

Hard to believe that we're so far into January. The big Italy trip is closing in slowly (set for mid to late September). That means I'll be spending a lot of time in one of these.

To get to Italy requires a 1 hour flight to Auckland, a 12 hour flight to somewhere like San Francisco and a 12 hour flight to Milano.
I don't really have a fear of flying, more a fear of crashing.
People say that flying is one of the safest modes of transport in the world so my fear is a bit unreasonable. The thing is too, if I want to get to Italy, this is what I need to do.
Unless I go by canoe.

It's certainly a long way to water ski.

So, flying it is.
There will be a lot of people on those planes and not much room. The trick will be to get my head into a good space and keep it there.
We're all going to die in the end. Better to die on a grand adventure than to wither away in an old folks' home. I've seen enough people do that.

"It's always now." That's a good thing to remember. When one lives in the moment everything else becomes secondary. The past and the future (ie. crashing) are no longer relevant.
Bring it on.*
I don't think there will be any cows on the plane.*

* a cool saying
* that one was for The Curmudgeon

7 commenti:

  1. I speaka a littlea italiano. I have a very active mind because I'm a thinking kind of guy.

  2. Those planes have got some mighty motors.

  3. I've flown to Scotland many times. No big deal, just have a few drams and you'll be right.

  4. Are you really frightened of cows?

  5. The Curmudgeon made that story up, or so Richard (of RBB) says.

  6. That's true AJ. I just prefer them to not be too close.

  7. If I were you I'd forget about being scared of cows and worry about using those disgusting toilets on the plane.
    They won't give you your own toilet you know. You'll have to share with hundreds of others.