domenica 26 novembre 2017

Has the Testore Trio come to a stand still?

These two pictures tell a story.

White House Stage 1

White House Stage 2
This house is turning white and this doesn't happen by magic.
It's a long hot job and it takes time from the Testore Trio, as Riccardo is also a painter.
Also our bassist has just finished music recitals and so his focus has been elsewhere.
I guess it is also getting a bit late in the year to launch a new trio.
Well, it's not really a new trio.
Here are the boys in action a few years back.

Our fans are getting younger!

George and Wade.
This trio has been in the planning for twenty years - a few more months of planning?
Non è una problema!

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  1. Well that was worth seeking out to read...


  2. Maybe next time a video where we can actually watch the paint dry on that house.

  3. Go paint your silly old unupdated blogs. You choose the colour, you're two readers won't care.

  4. your - oops a grammar mistake by ME!

  5. Don't worry about it, very few people will notice the lapse.

  6. Very few will notice it - meaning me and Robert ..... hold on .... just me.