mercoledì 22 novembre 2017

In this world where the specialized blog is all the go, what makes Richard's Bass Bag 2* special?

Well, let me reassure you, we're not just an after thought or a filler blog.
No siree!
We are a blog with a special mission.

This is the blog where you can keep in touch with the Testore Trio.

Okay, let me explain.
The Testore Trio is a group who play traditional jazz tunes, Italian tunes and some very cool originals.

The Testore Trio takes Italian tunes to another place. They are treated more like jazz tunes and there is a lot of freedom for members to stretch out. The music is also very accessible to the general public and is perfect for Italian restaurants. Riccardo Testore's Italian language skills make this trio perfect for any Italian flavoured function. Riccardo can also play solo violin - a very romantic experience when accompanied by candle light!

The trio line up is Riccardo Testore - violino, Wade Reeve - chitarra and George Prowse - contrabbasso.

This trio is quite unique.
On Richard's Bass Bag 3* we intend to make it our duty to keep you informed about this trio.

* putting the number '2' back into bass playing

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  1. Fair enough.
    Just keep up the practise, take it easy on the chardonnay and don't let this blog become silly.

    Oh, yes, keep up the frequency of posting as you've been sorely lacking to date.