sabato 16 dicembre 2017

Band Uniform.

What is the best way for a band to dress?

Okay, you'll remember our publicity shot:

I'm going to share a little secret - in these photos each guy is wearing the same shirt.
My plan was to have more shirts with the characteristic green, white and red insignia on them made, but I have run into problems.
I've struggled to find the coloured ribbon and suitable black shirts. 
One member suggested that the most important thing for an Italian band is to look stylish and that black is not the most visible colour for a band.
After a lot of thought I think he is right.
That means what we will wear is still a work in progress.
Maybe it's not necessary to have a matching shirt?
I played in a band in the 80s that had matching shirts and we looked a bit silly.
You've got to be careful with matching shirts. That's for damn sure.

2 commenti:

  1. Black shirts and Italian isn't a good association given the events in Italy in the first half of last century,.
    Given your autocratic style in running THE BASS BAGGERS CONFEDERATION however maybe it's apt.

  2. Go confederate. Long beards and grey. They'll either laugh or hate you.