lunedì 18 dicembre 2017

Riccardo Testore – a brief biography

Riccardo Testore has spent a lot of his life in the South Pacific settlement he refers to as Nuova Lazio. In this little settlement the Italian ways are celebrated many miles from home. Nuova Lazio also has a strong English presence, the early settlers in this area, before the Italian presence arrived, were stockmen and timber millers. As a boy Riccardo’s parents insisted that he learn to speak English,

although Italian is the language he is passionate about.

The climate of Nuova Lazio suits the growing of olive trees

and grapes,

which seem to grow everywhere.

Riccardo studied the violin and became interested in a brand of gypsy music that seemed to always be in his house. The music traced its roots back to American jazz tunes and Neapolitan songs. Riccardo played an important part in mixing the two styles and adding jazz influences to Neapolitan music. He also studied the double bass and likes to use this big violin to play some tunes in his trio.

The formation of his trio has taken many years and this particular blend of two quite different styles has had a slow merging over about twenty years. Riccardo is passionate about the style of music that his trio plays. 

Riccardo also likes to play a bit of guitar.

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  1. Neapolitan makes a good ice-cream as well

  2. You grew up in a suburb of Wellington called Northland then move to Karori and then to Wadestown and then Hataitai!
    Your parents were of Irish and English decent.

  3. What's up number two (scatological - sorry)?

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  4. Just read Robert's comment. You Curmudgeons are welcome to him. Sad guy, as they say in Nuova Lazio.

  5. No Richard (of RBB), he's actually inviting us.
    Sorry Curmudgeon but that's a big fat 'no'.